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You are welcome to reuse, repost and customize Navigating Accounting’s downloadable accounting content in any way you see fit, as long as you respect the Creative Common’s Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.  

With this license, NavAcc, LLC keeps the copyright, but we allow you to copy, modify and distribute these materials provided you give us credit. This means you must attribute any of your adaptations to Navigating Accounting’s authors, use it for non-commercial purposes only, such as with your students, and must share your adaptation with others under the same Creative Common’s License.

If you choose to reuse or repost Navigating Accounting content, either in its original form or a derivative work you create from it, you must give attribution to the original author(s). Please use the following format:

Attribution: Originally authored by [Author(s)], Modified by [You], Source:, [Downloaded date], Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

Attribution: Originally authored by G. Peter & Carolyn R. Wilson, Modified by L. Smith, Source:, Dec 3, 2008, Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.