Analyzing Financial Statements Across Time and Industries

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These exercises will help you apply concepts to real companies’ financial statements to compare and contrast the consequences of the economic crisis across time and industries.

The series of exercises focus on different companies and industries. In addition, some topics are different. For example, in Series 02 the second exercise focuses on a hierarchical approach to analyzing companies’ financial performance, starting with comprehensive income. With each series, we increasingly use more international companies. For instance, in Series 03, nearly 20% of the companies are international and in Series 04 nearly 25% are international.

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Industry Comparisons Exercises: Series 01

Industry Comparisons Exercises: Series 02 

 Industry Comparisons Exercises: Series 03

 Industry Comparisons Exercises: Series 04   

 Industry Comparisons Exercises: Series 05 

 Industry Comparisons Exercises: Series 06 


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