When will the book be completed?

We started this project in 1991 and have been working steadily on it and sharing our ideas at workshops ever since. For over fifteen years our family, friends, students, and colleagues have been asking us “When will it be finished?” Our answer has always been the same and remains the same: next year.

Clearly, we are not good at forecasting and any promises we might make to you, or ourselves for that matter, regarding a timeline for completion would not be credible. This was never more evident than the summer of 2010 when we expected to complete ten chapters and ended up with one after countless hours of focused effort. Likewise, we only completed a chapter each summer during the past two years. Still, we have had three very productive summers in terms of progressing towards our vision. The balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement chapters are the culmination of twenty years of work and they fully capture our vision to create a flexible resource that can meet the diverse needs for colleges, corporate training courses, and self-learners.

We have completed and posted a good deal of content for the remaining chapters that we’ve used in our own classes. We have posted Course Maps (syllabuses) that will help you locate content and understand how we use it in various courses.

We will continue to post additional content as we complete it and invite you to use it in the meantime. With any luck, well actually with lots of luck, we will complete enough chapters for a complete course during the next year.

Click here for our Master Book WIP: Financial Accounting, Master Book: Work-in-Process

Master Book: Work-in-Process is the complete collection of our published chapter content: videos, exercises, and text. New content is posted as it’s completed.