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Exercises: Critical Thinking Using Toulmin Model

This Analysis Mini-Case Series uses the Toulmin Model of Argumentation as a framework for critical thinking.  These are chapter exercises and listed here for your reference. New exercises (for these and other chapters) will posted as they’re completed. Click below for exercises.

Master Book: Work-in-Process

Click here for our Master Book: WIP: Financial Accounting, Master Book: Work-in-Process

Master Book: Work-in-Process is the complete collection of our published chapter content: videos, exercises, and text. New content is posted as it’s completed. When will the book be complete?

Analyzing Financial Statements Across Time and Industries

These exercises will help you apply concepts to real companies’ financial statements to compare and contrast the consequences of the economic crisis across time and industries.

Instructors' Forum

This Instructors’ Forum includes videos, exercises and related materials to help instructors gain insights and ideas on how to use Navigating Accounting. In particular, it includes a video series on teaching students how to make more informed judgments.

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