Industry Comparisons Exercises: Series 06

These exercises will help you apply concepts to real companies’ financial statements to compare and contrast their financial performance across industries and time. Companies included in this series of exercises:


• AK Steel
• Arcelor Mittal
• Ford
• Honda
• Toyota
• US Steel

Sources: Companies’ websites. All brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.


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Exercise 1: LIFO/FIFO Inventories and Ratio Analyses


  • Inventories, turnover, and margin comparisons
  • Consequences of converting LIFO-based ratios to FIFO-based ratios comparisons
  • Effects of inventory impairments and LIFO liquidations on analyses
  • Compare and contrast the effects of the financial crisis

Exercise Materials:

Exercise 1 [pdf]

Excel template 1 [xlsx] Excel template 1[xls]

Word template 1 [docx] Word template 1 [doc]


Searching and Locating Annual Reports 1 [10 minutes]

Using Excel 1: Basics [26 minutes]



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