Simple Guide to Studying Law in the US

If you have the ambition of studying law in the US, then you must law what it takes to get admission into the schools that offer the course of study in the country. The US is a country that is noted for its giant strides in the study of law. Several international students come to the US to get certified as practicing lawyers. The decision in choosing the US as a destination is never a mistake.

Now, what are the qualifications as well as the requirements? Let us take a look at what is involved.

Law school in the US

  • What obtains in the study of law in the US is different from what other nations of the world offer their students. This is the reason why you must read this piece to gain full insight into the requirements for the study of law in the USA. Law is regarded as a professional academic field in the US. This is the equivalent of a graduate degree in other countries.
  • The law schools in the US grand Juris Doctor (J.D) degrees. This is a four-year program for full-time students and a three-year program for part-time students. The first year of study in the US is the most difficult. It involves the combination of core classes; the Socrates method and exams. 
  • The Socrates method will involve a Professor of the law coming into the class and appointing a law student to stand before the class to respond to a case-based question or state a case of his or her own. This will be done without prior notice to the student. This is the reason why this system is feared by most law students.

Expectations when studying law in the USA

  1. Several courses will be required as a first-year student of law in the US. 
  2. Taking courses in constitutional law, legal writing, torts, contracts, criminal law, etc.
  3. The expectations are different in the second year. The focus this time around will be major on activities such as moot court; law reviews and several other extracurricular activities that are related to the law practice. This is the time to look for a legal internship; it is therefore expected that they garner as much practical experience as possible. The internship in most cases leads to full employment upon graduation. 
  4. As a full-time student studying law in the US, the third year is the final year in school and the course module is based on studying for the bar exams and looking for after studies job opportunities. You are going to take electives during the final year. Expected elective courses include anti-trust law; international law and immigration law.
  5. You will be required to take a bar exam in other to determine if you are qualified to practice law in the US. If you move to another state or outside the US, a second bar exam will be mandatory. On successful completion of the exams, you are going to be conferred with a dual-qualified status as a lawyer.

Choice of school

This is a process that should be taken with all the seriousness that it deserved. You must choose the right law school that suits your goals. Take advantage of the students on campus and get info from them; it will make assurances doubly sure. There is a school that is best suited for your needs and you should go for it.


All that you can expect in the process of gaining admission to the law in the USA has been described above. The course content and expectations from each student have been described above.