Locating Stock Prices Using BigCharts.com

Lots of web sites provide stock prices and related information. This video shows you how to find a company’s historical stock price using BigCharts.com.


  • Looking up stock symbols
  • Locating historical stock prices
  • Summary steps

Locating Stock Prices Using BigCharts.com. [3 min]

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Additional Tip: Using BigCharts to chart prices over short intervals

  • Go to www.bigcharts.com
  • At the top, enter the ticker symbol
  • To the right of the ticker symbol, click “Advanced Chart”
  • On the left side under “Time Frame,” select “Custom” at the bottom of the “Time” drop down menu
  • On the left under “Custom Time Frame,” enter the beginning and ending dates
  • Under the ticker symbol near the top left, click “Draw Chart”



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