Is Homework a Waste of Time or Not?

Students have had mixed reactions towards homework assignments. Some don't have issues with doing these assignments while others believe it takes most of their time. Instead of taking classwork hoke, opponents believe that everything should be taught at school. This is not a problem of the students alone. Parents and other stakeholders have joined the debate and also feel that homework is unnecessary because it eats into students’ precious time.

Homework is used in learning institutions for various reasons. Primarily, tutors use them for assessment. That way, they can tell whether students got what was taught in class or not. Assignments are also given to prepare students for new topics yet to be introduced. As they research on their own, they get to identify key things, questions and points to be revisited in class sessions.

Homework Outcomes and Analysis

Take-home assignments are given at different levels of learning. Therefore, there are objectives met with each homework assignment. Most importantly, the homework is normally unique based on desired goals and outcomes. So, why do people often feel that homework is a waste of time? Probably at times when objectives are not met. However, that is not enough to consider these efforts futile.

Students have been able to learn a lot while doing their homework. Here are some of the benefits that come with doing homework:

  • Learning how to manage time and resources. These assignments come with strict deadlines. As students strive to work on them and make submissions as required, these skills get engraved in them and can use them in their future. Therefore, some of the benefits coming through homework are not instant. Some will take longer to manifest and help them in their future.
  • Homework encourages continuous learning. Without these assignments, students will hardly read and revise for their exams. Therefore, homework provides a learning opportunity as well. Students can get more insight into the things taught in the classroom.
  • It supports the learning process. Assignments given for preparatory purposes give teachers an easy time when doing the actual introduction and teaching of new topics.
  • Homework also helps in students' assessment. Through the work done, teachers can give proper feedback concerning the learning abilities of the students and recommend solutions.

Homework serves to help both the teacher and the student during the learning process. It is only a waste of time if there are no objectives to be met. When not used in the right manner, homework:

  • Can be stressful and depressing to learners
  • Can deny students precious time with family and friends
  • Can discourage learners from taking part in other equally important activities such as play

Bottom Line

Learners have a big opportunity to develop themselves through homework, especially when they get MySpanishLab answers online and use them accordingly. All that is needed is to create a strategy that will make homework more enjoyable and feasible to do. There are very many options that students have to do their assignments as required. It is never a waste of time unless there is no proper plan and a good reason for doing a specific assignment.